PLC programming

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PLC programming

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As your strong partner we meet with the most modern engineering tools, the technical challenges of industrial and process technology in the field of automation and process control. With custom PLC technology we solve challenging control tasks for your production process. Here provide our experienced software engineers, our automation solutions with intelligent logic for your control and sequence programs and technology functions for you see PLCs.

As part of the process visualization, our specialists develop a clear and user-friendly interface for you. Visualization serves as an instrument for process monitoring and design, because by them events are reported, measured values ​​archived and important process and configuration data archived. It also allows the process visualization the operator or process engineers, complex issues to capture quickly and respond accordingly. This can be prevented fast, reliable and efficient time and cost intensive process disturbances.

The combination of our performance-based system documentation and a professional and skilled training and instruction of your operating personnel by us ensures smooth control operation without long downtime incidents.

For this purpose we use in the field of PLC:

  • Siemens SIMATIC (S5, S7)
  • Mitsubishi, Eaton
  • ABB, SEW, Wonderware In Touch
  • SIMATIC HMI (WinCC, WinCC Flexible, Protool,…)
Stefan Münchow
Te.: 03647/ 43 10 90 

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